Monday, October 02, 2006

The Homebrew Game

It's a kind of game the HomeBrewers play. They find an exploit and the Manufacturers try to close the hole. They say they are "upgrading the system", "adding New features". We know better. The "Hello Kitty" is out of the "Hello Kitty Bag" before it hits the streets.

Firmware 1.0, available only in Japan, allowed full kernel access. Firmware 1.5, released here in the states and elsewhere was not much better at stopping the HomeBrewers. Every month or so an UPDATE appears. My PSP came with Firmware 2.6. For the latest exploit, I needed to upgrade to 2.71 because it allowed me to Emulate 1.5 easily.

What can it do?

Emulate the Playstation 2, NeoGeo, 2 versions of Capcom Arcade machines, and Super NES.

I listen to Internet Radio, feed videos from my home Windows machine over Wifi.

Program in Lua, Lua Player, Python, and maybe even Java!!!

Let the Homebrew Games Begin....


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