Saturday, November 03, 2007

Stackless Python Anyone?

I've been interested in getting into Python Programming for the PSP and have pretty much run up against a stone wall.

Then I came upon this "The Mindcaster" Blog by Carlos Eduardo, and the juices started flowing again.

Eduardo has constructed new plaything for PSP programmers using Stackless Python.

The project-in-the-making is Here (the Stackless Python Download too.):

This Idea came from a Post in another Blog about a Test of Erlang and Stackless Python. That Blog is found Here:

What is Stackless Python? Glad you asked. Visit this Site:

And, Introduction to Concurrent Programming with Stackless Python, is Here:

That should get you all warm and fuzzy about Stackless Python.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, huh?

More Real Soon Now!

Thanks Eduardo.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

PSP on Homebrew Steriods

What the homebrew community can do is really amazing...

I've just connected my PSP to the Vista Laptop to see the PSP screen on the ACER. Yeah, that is really cool.

With a little (okay, more than a little) help from my local PSP Guru, Yashamaru.

The Post about the neat app has a youtube style video showing POC (proof-of-concept).

Yeah, it works and it IS SO COOL....

SONY? Why don't you release stuff like this?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Burn, Baby BURN!

Flashing the PSP Firmware can be a Tricky Experience, do it wrong and you BRICK it, rendering your PSP, unusable (Dead!). So you don't want to try it willy-nilly, huh?

For this reason, I have been using the HEND (Homebrew ENcoder D) on my 2.71 Firmware, as intermediary step...Waiting for a RELIABLE Downgrader.

Model of the Motherboard is Important too, mine was TA-082.

Yesterday, December 27th 2006, THE Downgrader was released. The News release read like this:

2.71 TA-082 Firmware PSP's Now able to Downgrade!

Yashamaru, the only one I trust for this, did the downgrade.

No Bricks, no butts and no sorrows. The operation took fine, and I'm at firmware 1.50 without having to use Hend. everything is working fine.

Homebrewers!! You Are Awesome!!


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Monday, October 02, 2006

The Homebrew Game

It's a kind of game the HomeBrewers play. They find an exploit and the Manufacturers try to close the hole. They say they are "upgrading the system", "adding New features". We know better. The "Hello Kitty" is out of the "Hello Kitty Bag" before it hits the streets.

Firmware 1.0, available only in Japan, allowed full kernel access. Firmware 1.5, released here in the states and elsewhere was not much better at stopping the HomeBrewers. Every month or so an UPDATE appears. My PSP came with Firmware 2.6. For the latest exploit, I needed to upgrade to 2.71 because it allowed me to Emulate 1.5 easily.

What can it do?

Emulate the Playstation 2, NeoGeo, 2 versions of Capcom Arcade machines, and Super NES.

I listen to Internet Radio, feed videos from my home Windows machine over Wifi.

Program in Lua, Lua Player, Python, and maybe even Java!!!

Let the Homebrew Games Begin....

Monday, September 04, 2006

PSP Podcasts and Other Links

Podcast Sites:




PSP Websites:





Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Waiting for Exploit 2.6

Ahh, the wonders of Homebrewing the PSP.
New Posting on the PSP Sites hint at a possible exploit using Tiff vulnerability in the PSP. The picture shows a "Hello World" running in user-mode on various flavors (updates) of the PSP kernel.
My baby is the 2.6 model anxiously waiting for the hack that gives full Kernel-Mode access. I'll post the website doing the work soon. If you can't wait, it's the most DIGGed site right now. Stay tuned.